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Agricultural Bearings

Size, location, elevation, climate, soil structure and crop rotation make every farm unique. Regard this, making grain production machine cost-efficiency and reliable is more and more important. Farm equipments operate under varying and harsh conditions. Mud, dust and debris. Extreme heat and cold. Rain and corrosive chemicals. Long period of inactivity, then intense periods of work.

In the large number of agriculture machinery, the most representative is tractor. Tractor is a vehicle that install various work machines in the front and rear part, in order to achieve arable land, planting, fertilizing and spreading drug. In tractor, bearings are used in transmission box, wheel, engines and other parts. Most of them are under mud, heavy load conditions.

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Typical Model

 Hub Bearings

 Tapered Roller Bearings

 Needle Roller Bearings

 Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Deep Groove Ball Bearings